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modern art

The book by Giovanni Battista Angioletti (Premio Bagutta 1927; Premio Strega, 1949; Premio Viareggio, 1960) entitled MILANO (Florence, Nemi Editore, 1931), was published in Milan by Franco Sciardelli Editore in 1985 (N. 300 numbered copies ). The book contains illustrations and an engraving by Antonietta Viganone (the… Read More »Visioni Spirituali d’Italia

Visioni Spirituali d’Italia

    Antonietta Viganone is among the artists selected to participate in the IV Triennial of Engraving at the palazzo della permanente in Milan (December 1980 – January 1981).Her artwork is exhibited together with those by other artists including: Luca Crippa, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Carlo Carrà, Renato Guttuso, Carlo Levi, Pablo Picasso,… Read More »IV Triennial of Engraving 

    IV Triennial of Engraving