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Discussion / Exhibit 14.12.2023

    A little more than a year after its establishment, the Fondazione Antonietta Viganone ETS, chaired by Francesco Fabbiani, is organising a solo exhibition by the artist Antonietta Viganone, under the artistic and scientific curatorship of Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico, at the DG Martini exhibition spaces, Corso Venezia n. 15 in Milan.

    The initiative has a dual promotional target: the presentation of the Foundation’s 2024 activity programme and the exhibition of some of artworks by Antonietta Viganone(paintings and sculptures).

    Various institutional and academic authorities and personalities from the world of art, culture and the professions are expected to attend.

    The event enjoys the patronage of the Municipality of Milan (Municipio 1), the Comillas Catholic University of Madrid, the Ethicando Association and the Orange Table Study Centre, as well as the media support of Betting On Italy, Beesness Magazine and Estro Digitale.

    Participation is by invitation only, after registering at the eventribe link.

    Location: 14 december 2023 – 6.30pm DG Martini ®15 Corso Venezia 20121 Milano